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There needs to be a major rule change in hockey, says Sidney Crosby

Published February 5, 2024 at 11:56 PM
Sidney Crosby is a highly respected NHL player, having won multiple Stanley Cups and is a potential future hall of famer.

Recently, he has been very vocal about the rulings and statements made by the commissioner, Gary Bettman, on various subjects, including the playoff format.


The current playoff format has received a significant amount of criticism, with many people, including Crosby, expressing their disapproval.

If Crosby were in charge of the league, he would change the playoff format back to the 1-8 system, which was used prior to the new system. The new format was supposed to create rivalries, but instead, it has failed to do so.

Crosby believes that the 1-8 system would be better for regular season teams who perform consistently, unlike those who change their game around the end of the year.

Fans and players alike have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current format, which has been heavily criticized over the past year.

Although building rivalries is fun, like with teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning, it hasn't turned out as expected. Lower-seeded teams continue to disappoint higher-seeded teams, such as the Panthers and Bruins, for example.

While the rule isn't the worst, if Sidney Crosby is calling out Gary Bettman again he should consider listening.
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There needs to be a major rule change in hockey, says Sidney Crosby

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