There is a major concern regarding a Blackhawks Center

Published October 30, 2023 at 7:01

The Chicago Blackhawks have played 8 regular season games in the NHL and with newly minted center, Lukas Reichel there is cause for concern.

He has been unable to produce since the team moved him to a new position.

The team is concerned about his development due to his lack of production but is willing to give him more time to learn the position.

Lukas Reichel has 0 points in 8 games. No matter what, that's a concern.

But the Blackhawks are committed to keeping him at center. Instead, their feedback to him has been about holding onto pucks longer, giving plays more time to unfold.

The team and Richardson are committed to seeing his development through, so he can learn the position from both ends. The amount of time they're willing to give for development is enormous, as in months, not weeks.

Since the team is unlikely to win any time soon, this makes sense.

His problem has been resolving contradictions in play, holding onto the puck too long when he should hold it long enough to create a play.

He did, however, pleasantly surprise the team with his performance centering Jason Dickinson and Taylor Raddysh against the former Stanley Cup champions.

He created passing lanes for Jarred Tinordi, helped Ryan Donato score after Reichel dumped the puck, which was what Luke Richardson wanted.

Reichel's line produced 15 v 5 shots against the Golden Knights.

As Reichel continues to develop into the center the team needs, he and the team should be patient.

According to Richardson, he's scoreless in eight games, but with the way he's playing, the points will come.
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There is a major concern regarding a Blackhawks Center

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