The Top Landing Spots for Jonathan Toews

Published May 27, 2023 at 0:47

Recently, the contract of Jonathan Toews, the longtime captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, expired and he was not offered a new one. This decision was expected as the Blackhawks are currently focused on rebuilding the team.

As a result, Toews is set to become an unrestricted free agent soon and will have the freedom to choose where he wants to play if he decides not to retire. There are several potential landing spots for him if he does choose to play elsewhere.

For example, he could join the Edmonton Oilers, a team that is in close proximity to his hometown of Winnipeg and still a contender for the Stanley Cup. He could sign a team-friendly deal and still have a chance at winning the cup.

Alternatively, he could end up in Ottawa where his veteran presence could help stabilize the team during their rebuild. Although they already have Claude Giroux, Toews' leadership experience could be beneficial both on and off the ice.

Lastly, he could return home to Winnipeg and join the Jets, potentially helping to reshape the team's locker-room culture. Given the current toxic environment, some players like Mark Scheifle or Blake Wheeler could be moved. Toews could offer depth play and serve as a mentor to young players like Cole Perfetti.

While it's just speculation for now, it's interesting to consider where Toews might end up as he looks to continue his career.

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The Top Landing Spots for Jonathan Toews

Where should Jonathan Toews go next?

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