The NHL Has Created It's Own Policy And the NHLPA Has Helped

Published October 10, 2023 at 0:59

Due to the backlash from fans, it appears that the NHL has gone backward in its efforts to protect revenues.

Players refused to wear warmups that are sold for charitable purposes 100% of the time. The Pride Night uniforms caused a maelstrom that the league canot escape.

The NHL has issued a league-wide ban on ‘Pride Tape', which was rainbow coloured hockey tape some players used by choice. Players are no longer permitted to have rainbow tape on their sticks in practices, warmups or games. Unlike the warmup jerseys that were recently banned, the stick tape was completely optional.

«Outsports has learned that the NHL has issued a league-wide ban of Pride Tape on the ice with the players during warm-ups, games and even practices. A league spokesperson has confirmed this change in policy with Outsports.»

The NHL was also forced to clarify a memo sent to every team recently after some expressed confusion. The main part that had teams unsure was:

«Players shall not be put in the position of having to demonstrate (or where they may be appearing to demonstrate) personal support for any Special Initiatives. A factor that may be considered in this regard includes, for example, whether a Player (or Players) is required to be in close proximity to any groups or individuals visibly or otherwise clearly associated with such Special Initiative(s).»

Many players have taken controversial stances on the topic, such as James Reimer, Alex Ovechkin, and Eric Staal.

In light of this, the NHL and NHLPA have decided to go on defense, as the NHL has enacted a complete ban on pride tape on ice.

Gary Bettman has drawn a line in what is a harmless gesture of support by players who aren't offended by a combination of bright colors and rainbows.

No other league in North America has such a regressive policy and sends a chilling message to LGBT+ fans whom they absolutely have no problem taking money from.

Another blemish on a sport that hasn't learned the right lessons about social issues.

How can the NHLPA be OK with this? They went to bat for the players who wanted to bow out, as you'd expect a union to. And now what for the many more who were eager to use things like the tape? And what about unionized members who are gay? What messages does this send to them?

Rather than protecting players who could be hiding in plain sight rather than being who they really are, the NHLPA seems to take care of domestic abusers and controversial players.

It seems that hockey isn't for everyone.

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The NHL Has Created It's Own Policy And the NHLPA Has Helped

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