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The NHL 2023 Free Agency is soon to start as after the draft

Published June 16, 2023 at 0:52

The Vegas Golden Knights celebrated their first Stanley Cup victory after six years in the league, marking the end of the Finals this past week.

With the draft completed, the NHL now turns its attention to free agency, which begins on July 1st and offers a large pool of players.

Asked an NHL team exec about the 2023 unrestricted free agent class:

"It's fucking awful."

However, not all the options are desirable, as one NHL executive referred to this year's free agency class as "f*cking awful."

The available talent is mostly older players on the decline production-wise, and they are still hoping to find a new team this season.

Aside from Tyler Bertuzzi, other notable names include Ryan O'Reilly, Patrick Kane, and Gustav Nyquist, but the talent pool drops significantly after them.

Perhaps executives realize that free agency is always a risky gamble for talent.

Some available players this year include Jonathan Bernier and Anton Khudobin.
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The NHL 2023 Free Agency is soon to start as after the draft

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