The Kadri Family Releases Emptional Goodbye Message and Video to Colorado and Fans

Published August 21, 2022 at 1:42 PM

Nazem Kadri's days in Colorado were numbered after earning his first ever Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche, and coming off a career high season in terms of production in all categories. Kadri was due for a pay raise and that is something the Colorado Avalanche could not provide due to multiple other players needing a pay raise, and also star player Nathan Mackinnon's contract expiring next season who will always need a massive pay raise.

Kadri and his wife Jazzy Kadri released a statement via Instagram on how thankful they are for there welcoming time in Colorado, they even added in a amazing video montage from photos of there newborn to game photos, take a look below at the statement and amazing video.

«To the city of Denver, thank you for this amazing journey. What a city. And to the fans WOW, you are are amazing!!! We could of never done any of this without you. Through the ups and downs you were always in Nazem's corner and for that, THANK YOU Without your support, none of this would of been possible. So happy we got to bring the Stanley cup home for you guys Goodbyes are never easy, but the love always remains love, The Kadri Family».

August 21   |   288 answers
The Kadri Family Releases Emptional Goodbye Message and Video to Colorado and Fans

are the Colorado avalanche still cup contenders for next season without forward Nazem Kadri?

Yes, he is not a huge loss.13647.2 %
No, they wonít be at the same level without Kadri6321.9 %
Iím unsure, time will tell.8930.9 %
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