The Coyotes removed seats out of their 5,000 seat arena?

Published December 12, 2022 at 11:33

It's been no secret that the Arizona Coyotes have been the laughing stock of the league for many years now. From being in a rebuild for forever, to the arena issues, many wonder how the Coyotes have not been relocated to another city.

However fans on social media have shared their opinions after a stat by the league was revealed by @Puck report NHL on Twitter, showing the top 6 teams in attendance ratings last night for every game.


The Las Vegas Golden Knights are number 1, St Louis Blues are number 2 and what hockey fans don't seem to agree with is the Arizona Coyotes are number 3 with their attendance of just 4,600 fans. As everyone knows the Coyotes are playing in Mullet Arena which is much smaller then any other NHL arena in the league.

The Mullet arena 100% capacity is now 4,600... and not 5,000, like we were told!?


This has many question how that stat works considering that if the Coyotes played in a NHL size rink they would likely have 50% capacity at best. Just for an example how crazy the Coyotes attendance is, most teams in the Canadian Hockey League have more attendance for their games.


The London Knights the most popular team in the Ontario Hockey League have a 9,200 seat arena that sells out regularly. Showing that the NHL is trying to call the Coyotes Arena debacle a success.
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