NHL Reporter Reveals Unbelievable Details Regarding Her Time at Mullet Arena

Published December 12, 2022 at 2:36

Giana Han, a Philadelphia Flyers beat reporter for inquirer.com recently travelled to Tempe Arizona as the Flyers faced off against the Arizona Coyotes at home, in their 5,000 seat facility which is named ''mullet arena''.

Since the season has started there has been many embarrassing mishaps in Tempe at the Coyotes ''new'' temporary rink, ranging from fan fights all the way to their zamboni breaking down during intermission, forcing arena staff to shovel the ice surface, it has truly all concluded for a mess of a start to Gary Bettman's ''project''.

It seems as if there is MANY more issues that regular fans are not aware of, but the media teams for each NHL organization who visit sure are.

Check out Giana's recent tweet, which included her ''eventful'' experience at Mullet Arena last night when the Flyers took on the Coyotes.

The super cool security guard standing next to me called the arena "intimate." That's a good word for it.
- There was a security guard next to me because "press row" is just roped off bar seating
- I apologize if the words "fries" or "pretzel" show up in my article because I was listening to all the concession stand debates around me since the line was right up against my seat

- On the other end of the eavesdropping... multiple fans were reading my article over my shoulder as I wrote (people, please don't. It's just awkward)
- There was a little kid dancing down the concourse pulling his pants up
- There was, indeed, a mullet at Mullett. But it wasn't an Arizona person. He was wearing a Carter Hart jersey

- You can feel the excitement of the crowd... literally. They're right in front of me
- Every seat is a good seat because you're so close to the ice.
- The graphics were super cool, from what I could tell, but the scoreboard is like a sixth of the size of the WFC one

- Once you enter the arena, you have to walk outside (like fresh air and bugs) to access certain areas
- Before the game, they played the "Ole" song on repeat. I don't remember if it was actually played in the game. It's all a blur

- The Dancing Shirt Man was absolutely the best part. I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't experienced him, but I couldn't stop smiling watching him. And I want whatever he had for energy.

This is sure unprofessional treatment given to NHL media members, and hopefully the NHL can sort out a few of these long-listed issues.

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NHL Reporter Reveals Unbelievable Details Regarding Her Time at Mullet Arena

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