The Chicago Blackhawks emotionally open up on Corey Perry's contract termination

Published December 27, 2023 at 5:25 PM

In a recent twist, the Chicago Blackhawks turned heads when they cut ties with Corey Perry and terminated his contract last month.

Rumors hinted at a wild team event with a bit too much booze, leading to Perry's sudden exit. Blackhawks general manager, Kyle Davidson, initially kept it hush-hush, calling it 'disturbing' without diving into the gritty details.

Hold your horses, though! The day after Christmas, Davidson decided to spill the beans and spill more about the whole saga. According to him, it was essential to nip it in the bud to avoid any future hiccups.

But don't stash away those popcorn bags just yet. The NHLPA might still have a trick or two up its sleeve and could appeal the team's decision.

Davidson didn't stop there; he let us in on the emotional rollercoaster of being an NHL GM. It's not all glam – it's a responsibility juggling act. Whether it's dealing with Perry's escapade or something entirely different, like Kevin Korchinski's family tragedy, Davidson spilled the tea on feeling it all.

Davidson reveals why his contract was termination

Kyle Davidson revealed they took care of the situation ASAP so they didn't have to deal with another hiccup regarding Corey Perry in the future.

"(On the Corey Perry incident) We handled it and we got through it, but I'm happy it's in the past."

"These jobs aren't easy. You're responsible for so many people. Whether it's that (Perry) event or something very different with Kevin (Korchinski, whose father died) and his family, you feel everything because you care about your players and your staff, and you care about their families."

So, kick back, read on, and get ready for the emotional rollercoaster that is NHL team management. View the full interview with Kyle Davidson and Chicago Sun Times' reporter Ben Pope below:

Source: Chicago Suntimes
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The Chicago Blackhawks emotionally open up on Corey Perry's contract termination

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