The Blackhawks Alex DeBrincat Trade Looks 10x Worse After These Stats Are Revealed

Published January 17, 2023 at 6:35 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks shocked the hockey world when they traded away Alex DeBrincat to the Ottawa Senators this off-season, and the return the Blackhawks received was sure a surprise as well.

The Chicago Blackhawks were expected to get a top-5 pick and multiple players and or a highly scouted prospect, instead, Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson waited until last minute. Davidson waited until the last minute of the NHL trade deadline to accept an offer, many teams revoked their offer and offered less, due to the time being so short and knowing DeBrincat was on the trade block- a seriously bad mistake by Davidson, he could have gotten 2x more value just one month earlier.

Instead, Davidson accepted the 7th overall pick in exchange for Alex DeBrincat, who did the Blackhawks use that 7th overall pick on in the NHL draft, a defensemen by the name of Kevin Korchinski.

Korchinski was not expected to go that high and was in most, if not alls later first round picks. Davidson made an off-decision of drafting a defensemen, even though the Blackhawks will be in need of offence when Kane and Toews announce their departure and or decide to retire.

Korchinski made the Team Canada roster and was expected to be their best defensemen, until game 1 hit and he was quite the opposite.. Korchinski threw several turnovers and costed Team Canada the game. Korchinski was sat for the rest of the tournament, and only given little minutes if they coach decided to have the nerve to put him on the ice.

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The Blackhawks Alex DeBrincat Trade Looks 10x Worse After These Stats Are Revealed

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