Team Left Praying After Their Players Wrist Got Cut Open By a Skate

Published December 3, 2022 at 1:56 PM

There has been about three instances this year in professional hockey where players wrists were exposed, and sadly cut by a skate, the first one took place on November eighth when Evander Kane got his wrist slit by a Tampa Bay Lightnings players skate, leaving the hockey world with a gut-wrenching feeling until an injury update was revealed.

A few others instances took place outside North American hockey in the KHL league, and now we have another one.. is it time for hockey to implement some cut-proof equipment?

In the Ontario Hockey League Kingston Frontenacs defensemen Maleek McGowan suffered an injury nearly identical to Evander Kane, just one month after completiting one of his biggest career accomplishments, scoring his first goal.

The Kingston Frontenacs released an injury update via social media and thankfully reported that he was in stable condition and underwent successful wrist surgery.

The team came together on the bench to say a prayer and only wish for the best regarding the gut-wrenching injury that just took place.

The player of the game was dedicated to Maleek McGowan, in a well-deserved, respectful manner.

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Team Left Praying After Their Players Wrist Got Cut Open By a Skate

Should hockey leagues start implementing cut-proof wrist guards?

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