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So how about that Connor Bedard?

Published September 22, 2023 at 2:24 PM

It's always exciting for a franchise to draft one of the best players in the business. Every so often, NHL teams draft generational talents like Sidney Crosby to Pittsburgh, Auston Matthews to the Maple Leafs, and Connor McDavid to the Oilers.

The Blackhawks have had their fair share of generational talent, as they have recently bid farewell to one of the best core talents in recent memory, with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane moving on.

Now, a new chapter begins with Connor Bedard and his new crew, who will take over the United Center and become the new face of the franchise, winning over the fan base.

Of course, no franchise can thrive without merchandise sales. It's safe to say that Bedard is indeed a big deal for the Blackhawks these days.

As the picture shows, the Blackhawks are promoting a specific narrative here. It's widely expected that they will sell out of Bedard jerseys as the budding superstar embarks on his new role and life with the Blackhawks.

Depending on how the Blackhawks finish this year, there could be other names in the top five of next year's draft that may grace these walls if the Blackhawks position themselves for a lottery pick. I certainly believe that will happen."
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So how about that Connor Bedard?

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