Ryan Reaves Has The WEIRDEST Pre-Game Ritual (VIDEO)

Published May 16, 2022 at 2:53

Pre-game rituals have been in the NHL since existence, it is usually a certain act a player does that they feel the need to do each night before game time OR a superstition.

Former Vegas Golden Knight and current New York Rangers forward Ryan Reaves is as tough as nails and never fails to hesitate to show that- even if it's against other tough customers like Tom Wilson!

You would figure somebody so tough would have a really intense pre game ritual, but Reaves's is quite interesting to say the most..

May 16   |   106 answers
Ryan Reaves Has The WEIRDEST Pre-Game Ritual (VIDEO)

Does this prove Ryan Reaves have the weirdest pre game ritual in the NHL?

Yes, this is funny lol!3734.9 %
No, I am sure there’s weirder!3432.1 %
I hope there isn’t weirder lol!3533 %
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