Rangers fans furious with Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin

Published May 2, 2023 at 11:31

It appears that the New York Rangers may not have the necessary tenacity to finish the game, as they got eliminated last night.

The main reason for reuniting Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin was to elevate the Rangers' offense to a greater level.

It's unfortunate to receive such bad news, especially when you've invested valuable draft capital into someone who was expected to lead you to success.

Due to a lack of chemistry and insufficient offensive performance, Gallant has decided to split up the pair. Both Kane and Panarin have been demoted to separate lines, with Kane moving to the second line and Panarin to the third. Additionally, Kane has been removed from the first power-play unit.

Do the New York Rangers have the ability to recover from this? We'll see..
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Rangers fans furious with Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin

Did the New York Rangers make a mistake picking Patrick Kane up?

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