REPORT - We now know two cities who are likely getting an NHL franchise

Published March 9, 2023 at 10:37

When it comes to the NHL, almost every franchise is doing well all other than the Arizona Coyotes, but Uncle Garry won't ever let them go. Despite their well documented financial troubles.


With that said this is where expansion comes up and there's many cities hoping to join the NHL including Hamilton and Quebec in Canada, and Houston and Atlanta being mentioned also.

Ironically that was brought up by Hockey Insider Kevin Weekes, who would reveal that the NHL is currently considering expansion and two teams. Those would be Houston and Atlanta, with a major group in Atlanta wanting to bring back the Atlanta Thrashers.

However, things appear to be just in the very early discussions as so far Gary Bettman has not spoken about the possibility of two new expansion teams, but deputy commissioner Billy Daly has.

"It's not a priority right now, but it's true that Houston and Atlanta have shown interest."

Don't worry Canada, maybe if Atlanta doesn't work again they can relocate to Canada again and be renamed the Quebec Nordiques.

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REPORT - We now know two cities who are likely getting an NHL franchise

Which new NHL city would work best?

Atlanta4518.3 %
Houston5622.8 %
Anywhere else14558.9 %
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