Player Violently Assaults Referee With His Stick

Published March 14, 2023 at 11:43 PM

We do not hear too much about other leagues aside from the NHL, unless some viral fights, brawls or situations occur.

That is now the case with this minor league team, where a hockey game turned into quite the mess. The referee made a bad call on the ice which caused a player to throw a temper tantrum, where he would then use his stick violently towards the referee, striking him in the mid-section.

There has been no update on the player who assaulted the referee with his stick, but we can only imagine a lengthy suspension is coming.

March 14   |   43 answers
Player Violently Assaults Referee With His Stick

Should this hockey player be charged with assault?

Yes2660.5 %
No1739.5 %
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