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Pittsburgh Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby Calls Out The NHL Player Safety Committee

Published September 17, 2023 at 3:13 PM

Sidney Crosby's Concerns with NHL Player Safety

In recent years, one of the most frustrating aspects of the National Hockey League (NHL) for fans and players alike has been the perceived inconsistency of the NHL's Department of Player Safety. Despite the NHL's efforts to crack down on dangerous plays in the game, there remains a lack of clear guidelines for certain infractions, leading to seemingly arbitrary rulings on similar incidents.

Pittsburgh Penguins' captain, Sidney Crosby, echoed these concerns during a recent appearance on the "32 Thoughts" podcast. When asked about the most confusing aspect of the game for current NHL players, Crosby pointed to the inconsistency in suspensions as a significant issue.

Crosby candidly stated,
"I would say maybe just suspensions. It's still something where you see a highlight or you see a clip, and you don't know the range of a suspension, you don't know whether it's gonna be a suspension or not. That's how I feel."

He acknowledged that determining the appropriate punishment for such incidents is a challenging task, but he emphasized that the NHL should strive for greater consistency in its decisions.

"I know it's not an easy job for anybody, but I still feel there's a bit of a grey area there," Crosby explained. "I don't think anyone is ever going to agree on length... or what the intentions were on a play, that's always going to be debatable. But I would like to think we can get a little bit closer to what it is exactly and maybe what the punishment is."

Crosby's sentiments resonate with many NHL fans who have long called for more clarity and consistency in player safety rulings. However, whether the NHL can address these concerns and establish a more predictable system for assessing suspensions remains an open question.

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Pittsburgh Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby Calls Out The NHL Player Safety Committee

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