Patrick Sharp's Legacy as a Blackhawk

Published May 8, 2022 at 0:33

The Blackhawks dynasty years produced so many Chicago sports legends. Whether their role was big or small on the ice, they stole the hearts of fans all around the city and will always be welcome back with open arms. One player that definitely fits that criteria is Patrick Sharp. Patrick Sharp was one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it came to the Blackhawks winning Stanley Cups. Let's take a quick look back at his time with the Blackhawks and just how vital he was to the organization.

Patrick Sharp arrived in Chicago about midway through the 2005-2006 season. He was traded from the Philadelphia Flyers, the team that drafted him in 2001. His first season in Chicago, he played 50 games and only had 9 goals and 14 assists, so fans weren't too sure how to feel about Sharp off the bat. However, the following season, he had much improved numbers at 20 goals and 15 assists. This was only a sign to come from Sharp.

Sharp would go on to play a total of 9 seasons with the Blackhawks. In those 9 seasons, he had a total of 473 points with 219 goals and 254 assists. He was a massive part of all three of the Blackhawks Stanley Cups. On those teams, he was often at his best when on the ice with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. Those three put the hockey world on notice in the 2010 Stanley Cup run, and it was only a sign of things of come as to how good those three would actually be.

Patrick Sharp has a ton of memorable goals from his time the Blackhawks. Just some that come to mind; the game 6 goal against St. Louis to extend the Blackhawks lead in that game. He also had an OT winner against the Blues (this one wasn't in the playoffs, but it was against St. Louis so it was memorable), the tic-tac goal against the Red Wings in the Game 7 western conference semi-finals, and then probably his most memorable goal, the game 5 goal in the 2010 Stanley Cup Final. That one gave the Blackhawks a 6-3 lead and all but sealed the deal for the Blackhawks in that game.

While we may never see number 10 in the rafters like we will 81 and eventually 88 and 19, Sharp's impact on the Blackhawks dynasty certainly will certainly never be forgotten.

Check out some of Patrick Sharp's highlights below:

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Patrick Sharp's Legacy as a Blackhawk

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