Patrick Kane Gets Honest About His Future in The NHL: Retirement?

Published May 4, 2023 at 0:44

Patrick Kane, a talented forward, is left pondering what could have been after his team's first-round elimination from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Kane's lower-body injury, which he has been struggling with throughout the season, has left him wondering whether he could have contributed more to the team's performance.

Despite not being at full strength during the playoffs, Kane praised the Rangers' training staff for preparing him as best as they could. He did feel pretty good but not quite at 100%. Now that the season is over, Kane plans to speak with doctors to evaluate his options.

Kane gets honest

«I commend the training stafffor getting me as ready as possible for the playoffs,» he said. I felt pretty good, not like 100%, but I felt pretty good. We'll figure everything out, talk to the doctors and kind of see what the plan is moving forward.»

As a free agent on July 1, Kane has not yet decided whether to explore surgery to resolve his leg issues. Watching the series, he knows that a slight improvement in his physical condition could have made a significant difference in the outcome. Kane finds the situation disheartening, but he has not given up hope.

«There's not a decision (on surgery) yet. I look at that series and I know it's like, if I felt a little bit better, I can like, help us win that series, you know? It's almost like disappointing and depressing in a way, but that's just kind of how I feel about it,» he said.

Kane when asked, what does the future hold?

'I don't know what's going to happen in that regard. I think the main focus is just the health right now and to get that all figured out,' he said.

He is currently focused on his health and recovery and has not yet made any decisions regarding his future with the team or another organization. Kane believes that taking care of his body should be his primary concern at this time, and he will evaluate his options when the time comes.
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Patrick Kane Gets Honest About His Future in The NHL: Retirement?

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