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One Blackhawk is Confirmed to be Leaving Shortly - But Where Will He Go?

Published January 4, 2023 at 3:20 PM

Jake McCabe has recently come out and said that he is tired of playing for losing teams, as he spent many years in Buffalo prior to coming to Chicago.

With Buffalo struggling until he left and Chicago struggling as soon as he got here, you can understand why he would be frustrated.

Well, it seems like he may be able to find his way onto a better squad by the trade deadline this year.

According to Rob Couch, of NHL Trade Rumors, McCabe would be a good fit for either the Rangers, Oilers, or Senators.

The Rangers have a solid front 4 defensemen, but they need to add depth to their 3rd pairing, and McCabe could be that guy.

The Oilers need some help at the blue line and they are able to sacrifice offense for it. The Oilers forwards are so deep and talented that they need a true defenseman for the 2nd or 3rd pairing who can be reliable and get the job done when needed. That has been McCabe this year in Chicago.

According to Couch, the Senators would be a great fit, though I didn't think so. They are having serious money issues, but Rob seems to have found the answer. The Senators need a 4th defenseman who they could put in the 2nd pairing. They also want to get rid of Nikita Zaitsev. Well, the Hawks could help them out by giving them McCabe and taking on Zaitsev's contract. McCabe is locked up through the 2024-25 season and will make $4M next year and $5M in the final year. Zaitsev is a free agent after next season, and he would be a solid roster filler until that time comes, because the Hawks will definitely still be rebuilding next season.

I truly hope McCabe lands somewhere that can win. He is a solid talent, but I want the Hawks to strip what decent players they still have so we can land Bedard this year, and then get another solid pick in 2024.
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One Blackhawk is Confirmed to be Leaving Shortly - But Where Will He Go?

Where should McCabe get traded to?

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Senators2922.3 %
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