Newly acquired Blackhawks chat about Bedard.

Published July 18, 2023 at 11:56 PM

The prospect of playing with a newly minted superstar in the making can be one of the most enticing things for an older NHLer. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, you are committing yourself to playing with the potential new face of the NHL shortly. Secondly, the team you're playing for is hungry for a win and to rebuild the team.

Lastly, you could become the next name on the Stanley Cup within the next few years if the team is successful.

It holds for two newly acquired Blackhawks, Nick Foligno and Taylor Hall. Both players were previously with the Boston Bruins and traded to the Blackhawks for Ian Mitchell and Alex Regula, both AHL players.

Soon after the trade, Foligno signed a one-year deal with the Hawks for $4 million. On July 1st, both Foligno and Taylor Hall were discussing their new team, and Foligno mentioned that his kids were constantly asking about Connor Bedard.

Having Bedard on the Blackhawks will be a magnet with other players to join the Hawks and try to win a Stanley Cup. Their skill set, hockey IQ, and general poise and professionalism shown by this young man are outstanding.

It will be a real treat for Blackhawks fans to watch him play for their team and witness their team's growth and development as they add new talent every season going forward.
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Newly acquired Blackhawks chat about Bedard.

Will Foligno and Hall make an immediate impact to the Hawks?

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