NHL panel praises Kyle Davidson's work with the Blackhawks.

Published July 5, 2023 at 8:37

The rebuild is now in full motion with the Blackhawks. General manager Kyle Davidson has stripped down most of the talent and has drafted Connor Bedard as the first overall pick in the first round.

As the unrestricted free agency day drew near, he made a shrewd trade with the Boston Bruins, acquiring Taylor Hall and Nick Foligno to provide the Blackhawks with much-needed talent and depth that will support Connor Bedard in the coming years.

During a broadcast of the NHL Network, the panel discussed the idea, but some feel that drafting Connor Bedard is sufficient to declare the rebuild complete.

However, this is far from the truth, as the rebuild has just begun, and the organization can expect a plethora of players to come in and out in the coming years.

Former general manager Brian Burke explained the value of picking up Taylor Hall, citing his status as a first-overall pick in his draft year and his continued ability to play and skate.

I believe Bedard will have a great first year in the NHL as Davidson continues to surround him with talented players and provide veteran leadership to help him grow and develop into a superstar, which we all believe he will become.

This strategy will also help the Blackhawks fast forward and accelerate their rebuilding process, giving the fans long-awaited progress towards a playoff spot and potentially a deep run in the Stanley Cup.

Although this outcome may be several years away, these are the first necessary steps in rebuilding this team.
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NHL panel praises Kyle Davidson's work with the Blackhawks.

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