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NHL Organization and Former Player Speaks Out About Pat Maroon Being Body Shamed

Published December 1, 2022 at 10:35

A NHL reporter who has a history of making ‘'questionable calls'' on live TV is once under fire again for another questionable and utterly rude scenario.

The announcer that is taking a lot of heat is no other then Boston Bruins play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards.


Edwards has a long history of questionable calls as mentioned, even one where he mentioned something quite weird about a ‘'sister'' which came off quite creepy..

Edwards' most recent idiotic scene is fat shaming Tampa Bay Lightning forward Patrick Maroon and it's truly disturbing as to why he did this, it's a clear act of bullying, and can be viewed below.

Many hockey personalities have stepped up since the incident and supported Patrick Maroon, Maroon also decided to donate $2,000 to a bullying support foundation and put the donation in name of Jack Edwards!

Since Maroon stepped up and decided to be the bigger person, so has former NHL player Bobby Ryan as well as the Carolina Hurricanes organization.

Patrick Maroon stated the following:

‘'Pat Maroon doesn't care about Jack Edwards. He's been «fat Pat» since we were 7 years old. He has three cups, a bunch of money, and a beautiful family. My tweet lasted longer than his thoughts about some announcer calling him big. He's the big rig. Doesn't change his day!‘'

The Carolina Hurricanes also placed a donation towards the association Maroon was pushing, what a nice gesture!

This truly goes to show how supportive the hockey community can be, and how one rude individual won't ruin the great bunch.
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NHL Organization and Former Player Speaks Out About Pat Maroon Being Body Shamed

Should the Boston Bruins announcer receive a punishment for his fat shaming?

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