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Connor McDavid Embarrasses The Blackhawks With a Highlight Reel Goal

Published December 1, 2022 at 9:46


The Chicago Blackhawks' struggles and those of its supporters are not surprised; the team was projected to finish last in the NHL and to be "tanking" in order to secure the first overall pick in the 2023–24 draft, which analysts believe will go to rookie phenom Connor Bedard.

Although Jack Johnson and the Chicago Blackhawks made it obvious they still plan to win a lot of games this season and have fun doing it, Bedard will be a discovered gem for any club to whom he is selected.  The Edmonton Oilers, who are on fire with two of the finest players in the world, Connor McDavid and his legendary tandem Leon Draisaitl, faced up against the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Centre. A genuine fiasco was on the forecast for the Blackhawks to manage.

The Blackhawks quickly got the ''McDavid and Draisaitl combo'' served to them quickly into the game..

Connor McDavid had 9 shots, Draisaitl had 6 to total 15 shots for the Oilers duo, the Blackhawks entire roster only marked up 25 shots last night, rough to say the least!

The only bright-side of McDavid dominating the Blackhawks, aside from Hawks fans getting to see the best player in the world? Is his rookie phenom comparable, Connor Bedard, who the Blackhawks are hoping to draft at the 2023-24 upcoming NHL draft.

McDavid exposed Blackhawks defensemen Jack Johnson and caught him completely flat-footed, and blew away the Blackhawks with a goal that will sure be running on the highlight reels today, check it out below:

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Connor McDavid Embarrasses The Blackhawks With a Highlight Reel Goal

Will the Blackhawks ever have a player as good as Connor McDavid?

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