NHL Analyst Drops Seven F-Bombs Towards Bettman in Heated Interview

Published March 22, 2023 at 11:05

Paul Bissonnette, a former NHL enforcer turned commentator, is known for his candid opinions on controversial topics in hockey. In a recent episode of the Spittin' Chicklets Podcast, Bissonnette expressed his frustration with the frequency of linesmen interrupting fights and shared his thoughts on the possible motivations behind the NHL's restrictions on fighting.

"If you're a f***ing NHL linesman and you're listening to this right now - STOP STOPPING FIGHTS. F*** off. If Kim Jong Bettman is telling them to not allow them to fight, on behalf of me tell him to f*** off. That is what's selling the game, that is what separates our game from the other major sports. And if you take that away, it's f***ing stupid. Allow it. You say everybody on their feet, you saw everybody online and any casual hockey fan, all of a sudden paying attention to that f***ing hockey game. So what did they do? They don't let them fight."

Former NHL player Ryan Whitney has also weighed in on the decline in fights, suggesting that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman may be instructing linesmen to intervene more often. Whitney has noticed a rise in linesmen stopping fights, which he attributes to the league's policies aimed at reducing fighting in hockey.

As the NHL seeks to appeal to a younger audience, rumors have circulated that the league may consider reducing body checking, potentially alienating long-time fans who enjoy the physical aspect of the sport. This shift towards a more youth-oriented approach in hockey may neglect the audience that has helped grow the game through their appreciation for fights and physical play.
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NHL Analyst Drops Seven F-Bombs Towards Bettman in Heated Interview

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