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Max Pacioretty Exposes The Vegas Golden Knights Management and MORE

Published August 5, 2022 at 0:11

Max Pacioretty is a long-time NHL player, and is currently a veteran still producing points as most young kids are, he sure hasn't declined one bit, but injuries have taken a toll. The Vegas Golden Knights traded Pacioretty to the Carolina Hurricanes for free, Vegas got absolutely nothing in return.. most were confused, but it now makes sense, Pacioretty wanted out and revealed why he did so..

Max Pacioretty had some criticism for the
#Knights in Las Vegas:
"When I first got to Vegas, it was weird that there was,
like, no accountability. And I'm not talking about in the
team; I'm talking about like ever. You couldn't feel
pressure coming off anyone else, from the coach to the
"I mentioned that at the end of the year that no one is
really holding us accountable." Pacioretty explained.

We have a bad year like this, the city would be half on
fire in Montreal. Here in Vegas, it's 80 degrees, and it's
sunny. We're getting our car washed and getting our
organic food, and going to play golf.

"A lot of these guys haven't played somewhere else so
they don't know really what it's like," Pacioretty said.
"I've felt myself personally it always gets the best out of
you when my coach or someone else are demanding and
hold you accountable and I found myself almost missing
that a tiny bit when things went wrong this year.

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Max Pacioretty Exposes The Vegas Golden Knights Management and MORE

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