Lukas Reichel Speaks on His Frustration With Blackhawks Management This Season

Published January 5, 2023 at 4:57 PM

When NHL rosters were being finalized, there was some people who found one decision to be extremely questionable - the demotion of Lukas Reichel.

Reichel has been the team's top prospect for a couple years now, and everyone thought he would make the roster this season.

I, too, was questioning why Reichel was sent down when this year was supposed to be year one of the rebuild. That was until I heard what Luke Richardson had to say about the decision.

Richardson makes a great point in his explanation. That point is about how it doesn't make much sense to have Reichel on the 4th line in Chicago when he can be the best player in Rockford.

Once I heard Richardson explain that, I was onboard with the move, and still support it to this day, as Chicago has not been much of a place for someone to play if they are working one something in their game.

Now, Reichel has been called-up again, and this time it seems as if it is because of his play and not an injury.

Yeah, there were a couple of injuries, but Chicago was definitely considering calling him up if they got the roster space.

With the return to Chicago, Lukas Reichel had something to say about what it felt like to be cut from the NHL squad back in the preseason.

I personally think that Rockford was the best place for Reichel, as Chicago has been a disaster this year and not really a place the front office wants their young players to develop their skills.
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Lukas Reichel Speaks on His Frustration With Blackhawks Management This Season

Months later, how do you feel about the decision to send Reichel to Rockford to open the year?

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