Latest Report on Corey Perry's Mysterious Departure from the Blackhawks

Published November 25, 2023 at 11:57

When General Manager Kyle Davidson decided to turn the page in the Blackhawks' story and focus the team on the rebuild, along with drafting Connor Bedard, he felt the need to bring in several veteran players to help complement Bedard as the team redevelops.

One such player brought to the team was former Lightning and Canadiens forward Corey Perry. The thought behind bringing Perry to the lineup was to provide Bedard and the young stars with some leadership experience and to help the players on the ice as they transition from the minors to the majors. Davidson also hoped for Perry's scoring touch to continue and to assist the team on the offensive side.

However, recently, the 38-year-old forward has disappeared from the Blackhawks' lineup and has been a healthy scratch. During the game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Perry was noticed missing from action for the second consecutive game.

Rumours have been rampant across the internet speculating on what happened to Perry and the reason why he is a healthy scratch, even though he is third overall in scoring on the team. Many thought a trade was imminent, as it is customary for teams to sit players while crafting a deal.

The reason for his absence has not been disclosed. However, Darren Dreger of TSN, who was on Radio 1050, states that it's not a player misconduct issue; it may be that Perry missed practice or slept in and missed a team meeting.

The fan base will need to wait and see what will happen next, but for the time being, Perry will remain sidelined until the situation is resolved.
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Latest Report on Corey Perry's Mysterious Departure from the Blackhawks

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