Kirby Dach's funny story about Brent Seabrook

Published August 29, 2023 at 0:02

In the Empty Netters Podcast, Kirby Dach shows up for an interview, and he shares a funny story about Brent Seabrook, an NHL veteran.

It appears that Kirby Dach may have had way too many drinks at the Blackhawks convention, as he and Seabrook had a moment where they were joking about moving in together in the future.

Dach reveals a funny story about Seabrook

As training camp rolled around, Dach repeated his question to Seabrook asking if what they had appeared to be joking about would become a reality with Dach and Seabrook living together during training camp.

There was definitely more to Dach than he bargained for, for he came over for dinner, and instead of the bromance that he was expecting, he saw dogs and kids running around instead.

His luck as far as that was concerned did not seem to be very good.

A drunk idea about developing the rookie Dach turned into a cautionary tale.
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Kirby Dach's funny story about Brent Seabrook

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