John Tortorella Rips His Player a New One For Practicing Too Much

Published January 8, 2023 at 4:14 PM

Fans of the Philadelphia Flyers anticipated some contentious remarks to be made this season after John Tortorella's arrival. Tortorella has always had a VERY tough coaching style and demeanour, but many people, including myself, think that his direct approach has helped the Flyers at times, but have also made them look bad.

However, his most recent remarks on Flyers player Noah Cates are certainly problematic. Recently, Noah Cates said at a press conference for the Flyers that he practices every day and never takes a day off, so he can continue to be a better player.

Tortorella, who strongly supports taking time off to relax, took issue with Noah Cates' remarks and responded during an interview.

"It pisses me off that he's out on the ice. I'm gonna outlaw those skates because now it's routine for those guys and it's just so wrong.

Cates, who is only 23 years old and playing for the big club for the first time, is hoping to improve his game. What's the big deal to Tortorella with that? It is genuinely unknown, yet uncertain. In response to Tortorella's remarks, Noah Cates said:

Kind of like to say the hockey Gods will reward you if put in the work and you go out there

It seems as if Torts has an argument about each and every trending topic.

Source: Bladesofsteel.com
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John Tortorella Rips His Player a New One For Practicing Too Much

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