BREAKING: The NHL to Add Alligators Into The All-Star Game

Published January 8, 2023 at 12:15

We are less than just one month from the NHL's All-Star weekend to kick off, and an NHL insider just revealed one of the most insane rumours i may have ever heard.

Last night on Saturday, Jeff Marek revealed some odd details about the skills competitions, but he stated something that NHL fans have never seen, and maybe something even a little overboard, check it out below.

"This idea of doing some type of competition with alligators and shooting frozen meat pucks, or as someone in the NHL told me 'they're called burgers Jeff,'" said Jeff Marek during Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night.

This seems pretty ridiculous and nearly false, but Marek is being 100% serious when he revealed that newest addition to the All-Star Game..

"Shooting frozen burgers at alligators, the NHL is being very hush hush on this one" said Marek.

An event involving wild, potentially dangerous animals? Interesting, we'll see how this one plays out.
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BREAKING: The NHL to Add Alligators Into The All-Star Game

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