John Tortorella Once Told His Player to go Take Some Drugs

Published August 19, 2023 at 3:31 PM

Insights into Tortorella's Ways

John Tortorella, a coach known for his unique methods and energy, is approaching the end of his career. As this happens, players, past and present, are sharing stories about his private side.

Unconventional Coaching

Brandon Prust, an ex-NHL player, recently shared a surprising story on the Missin' Curfew podcast. It goes back to Tortorella's time coaching the New York Rangers. During a tough spell for Brad Richards, Tortorella jokingly suggested Richards try something wild, like drugs, to break his slump.

Torts told Brad Richards to go out and do drugs because he was in a slump #NYR

A Different Approach

Though this story is clearly a joke, it highlights Tortorella's distinct way of connecting with players. It shows his unique coaching style and reminds us that, off-camera, Tortorella's coaching remains as one-of-a-kind as ever.

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John Tortorella Once Told His Player to go Take Some Drugs

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