Joel Quenneville May Not Be Allowed to Return to The NHL Says Gary Bettman

Published December 19, 2022 at 1:46 PM

Joel Quenneville is reportedly set to return to an NHL bench in the near future, after resigning from his position with the Florida Panthers in 2020-21 after an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by a Hawks video coach during the teams 2010 Stanley Cup run.

Quenneville coached the Hawks from 2008 through to 2019 and the situation prompted him to step away from the game. With his interest in returning to the league, he will have a couple of check marks to cross of his to-do list before he gets that chance.

Should he gain employment within the NHL again, Quenneville would need to speak with Gary Bettman personally and explain how and why he deserves to return and what he will do differently this time should a similar situation arise. Also, whichever team decides to hire on the veteran coach, they'll need permission granted from the Panthers organization before the wheels are set in-motion.

Bettman to this point hasn't heard anything from the 64-year-old, but believes if his interest holds any weight then Q' will reach out.

»There's nothing currently happening with Joel [Quenneville],» said Bettman. «And if and when there's a real conversation to be had, then I'll focus on it at the time."

Bettman continued - »I assume it'd be initiated by Joel, if and when he thinks it's the appropriate time and he feels that he's ready to come back and there's an opportunity. But again, I'll have to make an evaluation at that time.»

Bettman certainly didn't mince his words. But if Quenneville should return, it will have to be quite the case he delivers to Bettman explaining himself and how he has learned and will do better, and not be caught in any more drama.

Time will tell what the outcome is, but it's hard to imagine that a team wouldn't be interested in a coach with the pedigree and resume of coach Quenneville.
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Joel Quenneville May Not Be Allowed to Return to The NHL Says Gary Bettman

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