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Jamie Benn Causes a Almost-Disturbing Scene (VIDEO)

Published May 10, 2022 at 2:45 PM

Jamie Benn has played nearly 950 National Hockey League games in total throughout his thirteen seasons in the league, he has made a gritty name for himself for getting in the tough areas and not shying away from it. Jamie Benn's game is very respectable while bringing the toughness aspect to the league, he also has multiple seventy-plus point seasons underneath his belt.

The downside to Benn's game that most do not like (even Dallas fans) is his dirtiness while getting gritty. In game 3 between Dallas and Calgary been slew-footed Calgary Flames defenseman Chris Tanev, causing a almost scary scene.

If Tanev would have flew for a few more half seconds and landed on his head, you could nearly consider his career over and a near death head injury.

Should this be a fine? The NHL does not think so!

May 10   |   316 answers
Jamie Benn Causes a Almost-Disturbing Scene (VIDEO)

Should this Jamie Benn slewfoot be a fine?

Yes! OF COURSE!9229.1 %
YES! Its DIRTY!10031.6 %
No, clean play!5316.8 %
Im unsure!7122.5 %
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