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Intriguing Trade Proposition For Blackhawks Jonathan Toews

Published December 29, 2022 at 2:25 PM

I just wrote about a mock trade for Patrick Kane. If you haven't seen it, then I recommend that you go check it out by clicking the highlighted title below, because it is very intriguing.

Intriguing trade proposition for Patrick Kane

Now, I will be writing about a possible Toews trade, and this one is also intriguing, but it does have Toews going to a division rival...

Jets receive:
Jonathan Toews (50% retained)

Blackhawks receive:
Nate Schmidt
Chaz Lucius
Ville Heinola
2nd Round Pick


Nate Schmidt is a 31-year old defenseman. He would be the piece added to clear up roster space for the Jets and to also give the Hawks an NHL experienced player to play for the remainder of the year. He is a decent defenseman... nothing great, but nothing terrible.

Chaz Lucius might be my favorite piece of this trade. He is a 19-year old center who was drafted in the first round just one year ago. He isn't at the NHL level yet, but he is definitely a solid young talent that the Hawks can develop as Toews' replacement.

Heinola is a 21-year old defenseman, which I also love, because the Hawks need plenty of help at the blue line. We have some decent youngsters at the AHL level, but it wouldn't hurt to have another youngster who is just 3 years removed from being selected in the 1st round. He spent 4 years in the Jets' organization, but hasn't strung together a complete season yet. He has played in no more than 12 games in one season, so there is definitely still plenty of development for this young man to do.

I truly like this trade for one major reason... I think it is higher than Toews' value. Toews is playing well this year, but I think part of that is because he has no fear and just wants to play the game he loves. He knows his career is nearing the end and he knows the team he is on isn't good, so why not just go and play with no worries of what the worst that can happen is.

If I was writing this article a year ago I would have said there is no way the Jets offer this trade, but Toews has raised his value this season. He is a great player and one of the best captains to ever play the game, but I don't know if his stat production, besides the faceoff win percentage, will carry over to whichever team he lands with.

So, for us to get two youngsters and a 2nd round pick for him, it is music to my ears. Let's just see if it can happen.
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Intriguing Trade Proposition For Blackhawks Jonathan Toews

What do you think of the value we'd get for Toews in this trade?

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