Heartbreaking News Revealed Surrounding Carey Price's Future - But For The Best

Published January 1, 2023 at 2:43 PM

New information was made public on New Year's Eve, and Montreal Canadiens supporters may not like it.

Carey Price, a legendary Montreal goaltender, wanted to play one more game for the Habs before he formally retired, but it doesn't appear that will be happening. Carey's wife, Angela, said that the entire family will be permanently relocating far away from Montreal.

"Is your family staying in Montreal, or planning on living year-round in Kelowna?," asked a follower.

"We will move back to the west," replied Angela. "We both want to be close to our families. It's looking like we will most likely make the move this summer."

The relocation will bring Carey and Angela Price closer to their families, with whom Price will be able to spend a lot more time since his busy NHL career has included several injuries. Carey Price was born in British Columbia, while Angela was born in Washington state.

Many have suggested that Price's recent string of injuries and painkiller medication use may be to blame for his addiction issues, which led him to enroll in the NHL Player Assistance program last season. Anyone's probability of recovering from Price's most recent injury, in which he had surgery on his knee, is extremely poor.

Price should leave the sport for the better, and to spend some time with his family.

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Heartbreaking News Revealed Surrounding Carey Price's Future - But For The Best

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