Hawks get GM Search Help From Some of the Past Greats

Published February 1, 2022 at 4:56 PM

Patrick Sharp and Marian Hossa will now be able to share their expertise, while the Chicago Blackhawks search for a new GM.
Eddie Olczyk has also been named in helping the organization. He has been with the Hawks, performing in different roles such as color analyst. There have been many rumors of him being involved with the process of finding a new GM. Even rumors of him taking over the role himself.

Many people would argue that former players don't have the managerial intellect to be an influencer. However, we will see how their knowledge can contribute to the success of the team. Hossa and Sharp have the experience of winning cups with the organization. ( 2010, 2013, 2015). They know what it takes to win from a players perspective, what team ideologies work and what don't. They have seen winning in Chicago, and understand the mindset and culture. However, they might now know some of the GM duties such as negotiation and managing the players from a top down view. Olczyk is probably a better fit in this area, as he has at least been a head coach ( Pittsburgh).

We shall see, but from a fans perspective, its fun to see high level talent contributing. The fans have enjoyed their contributions on the ice. It would be nice if it can also take effect on the Hawks future success.

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