Hawks' Head Coach Handles Loss to Kraken in an Interesting Way

Published January 16, 2023 at 6:00 PM

A routine part of practice for NHL teams is watching video clips of their previous game. They can see what they did right, so they can make sure to do it, again, and what they did wrong, or what didn't work, so they can make the proper adjustments. So you'd think, in a game when the opposing team scored 6 goals on 7 shots, all in the first period, you'd want to see what happened, right? Not if you're Luke Richardson.

There's no doubt he, as a coach, has a number of drills in mind, and things he wants to work. Why waste time watching what was objectively the most horrible period in recent history?

Yes, the Hawks finally fought back and ended up with five goals - but even if the Kraken hadn't scored for the rest of the game, Chicago still would have lost. And the thing is, Seattle did score again. And again. And again. And the Blackhawks had front row seats to all of it.

The Blackhawks' slogan this season is «Ready to Work». I think Coach Richardson was putting every hope into that statement when he gathered the team for practice, this morning.

I'm sure there are some clips certain Hawks wanted to watch, again - for instance Isaak Phillips' first NHL goal.


And I'm sure the 5 goals the Blackhawks did score felt pretty good, but it has to be impossible to forget about that first period. Here's hoping the coach's tactics on accepting responsibility, and not making the team feel worse than they already do, work, and we will be able to see the result in their game against Anaheim, tomorrow.
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Hawks' Head Coach Handles Loss to Kraken in an Interesting Way

Are the Blackhawks losing on purpose?

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