Hall-Bedard-Reichel is Going to be a Great Line

Published July 10, 2023 at 0:05

Kyle Davidson came out and said that the roster is "almost done." With that comes the speculation of what the lines could be for next season. Hall-Bedard-Reichel could and should be our first line, and here's why.

First of all, Taylor Hall is bringing a veteran experience to a young line. Hall is 31 years old and has spent his second half of his career playing with multiple #1 picks, so he has some teaching experience. He can protect and teach Connor, meanwhile helping out Reichel.

Lastly, Bedard and Reichel is going to be so fun to watch. Reichel's hands and playmaking mixed with Bedard's shooting and speed.

The two of them are going to make a highlight reel. It's also good to test them out now, because if this works, you'll have your first line for the next decade. The only thing Kyle needs to find is a good, young, and gritty left winger.

July 10   |   60 answers
Hall-Bedard-Reichel is Going to be a Great Line

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