Ghost town in the United States gets the green light for a potential NHL franchise

Published February 1, 2024 at 11:37 PM
In recent news, there's a chance we might get a new NHL team, with Utah and Atlanta in the running.

The owners of the Utah Jazz, Smith Entertainment Group, are keen on bringing an NHL team to the state. Meanwhile, in suburban Atlanta, the South Forsyth Project is making moves towards having its own pro hockey team.

Insider Kevin Weekes shared an important update, mentioning that Forsyth County is about to approve The Arena project, a crucial step for a potential hockey team.

**Major Potential NHL Expansion Update **
Exciting news from Georgia ; Forsyth County is about to green light The Arena project, a significant step towards a potential pro Hockey team. Stay tuned for updates as buzz around this groundbreaking development continues !

This development is gaining attention, and hockey fans are eagerly awaiting further news.

Although there's no official word from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on expansion, recent successes like the Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken have stirred interest among potential team owners.

Utah's Jazz owner, Ryan Smith, is now competing with Atlanta, a city with a history in the NHL, having housed the Flames and later the Thrashers. Atlanta's move is ambitious, but doubts remain about the city's market viability.

This Atlanta move also puts pressure on the Arizona Coyotes, who are still figuring out where their team will call home. It's a setback for Quebec City, too, as they've been pushing for the return of the Nordiques, despite Bettman's hesitations about adding another Canadian team.

With Utah and Atlanta vying for the 33rd NHL team, the league could see some significant changes. The unfolding story is one that hockey fans will be watching closely.
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Ghost town in the United States gets the green light for a potential NHL franchise

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