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Officially, Connor Bedard will be heading to Toronto

Published February 1, 2024 at 11:33 PM
There is a major announcement today regarding Connor Bedard's All-Star Game status.

It has been confirmed that Bedard's replacement in the game, will be Kyle Connor, while he still deals with his injury.


However, there is exciting news as Bedard will still participate in the All-Star weekend in other activities.

Although Bedard will not be able to play on ice, he will participate in his current sponsor's activity in the All-Star Game - the Sherwood showcase on Saturday.

Bedard will show his shooting capabilities in a skills competition, alongside other NHL All-Stars. While he is not officially cleared to play on ice, fans can still enjoy watching him perform on Saturday while he continues to heal.

Although, unfortunately, Bedard will not participate in the main All-Star game, this is still a great opportunity for fans to see him in action and support him in his recovery.

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Officially, Connor Bedard will be heading to Toronto

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