Gary Bettman Confirms The Arizona Coyotes will be relocated again

Published June 4, 2023 at 1:51

The Arizona Coyotes' season has been quite tumultuous, what with losing the Tempe vote and one of their star players losing faith in the franchise. Clayton Keller and his father had to do some damage control during the post-season.

Despite this, Gary Bettman believes in the idea of hockey in the desert. However, he's not referring to the Vegas kind, which has been successful.

Bettman says the Arizona Coyotes are studying options in the Phoenix area

Arizona Coyotes are exploring other options in greater Phoenix area, says Bettman. Hope is that one of those options works out.

It seems that Bettman and the NHL supporters, who have been financing the franchise despite its shortcomings, will be given another chance for relocation.

Considering the franchise's long history of missteps, does it truly deserve this opportunity? At this point, it's no longer a matter of incompetence, but rather an intentional decision to let the situation deteriorate.

Are the people in the desert genuinely interested in hockey? Playing in a college arena may not suffice to maintain NHL revenue sources or pay the players' salaries.

There's talk of relocating the franchise to Phoenix, but wouldn't Houston or Quebec be better alternatives?
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Gary Bettman Confirms The Arizona Coyotes will be relocated again

Where should the Arizona Coyotes relocate to?

Houston124123.5 %
Hamilton, Ontario98418.6 %
Quebec305757.9 %
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