Funny Vintage Don Cherry Video Pops Up And It's Going Viral

Published August 11, 2022 at 8:56

I think I speak for most of the hockey world when I say we all grew up watching NHL Icon Don Cherry in the Coaches Corner during hockey night in Canada broadcasts.

Cherry was the most outspoken yet very well educated amongst hockey talk. Cherry would give his 100% unfiltered opinion until he was taken off TV and later fired by Sportsnet over his infamous poppy segment on Coaches' Corner.

Unfortunately his opinion and comments over people not buying poppies, ultimately offended the masses by using the comment "you people". Cherry was interviewed after his dismissal from Sportsnet by Fox News's Tucker Carlson where Cherry stood by his comments, and despite the majority of the hockey world supporting Cherry, Sportsnet did not, including his co-host and former best friend Ron MacLean who threw Cherry under the bus.

A Twitter post from a few years ago has been brought up since Cherry was on TV, a Don Cherry vintage video has resurfaced. The video of Cherry from his coaching days. The video comes after a loss against the New York Rangers,

After the game Cherry was being asked about the hypothetical matchup, Cherry never afraid to speak his mind would give this hilarious reply:

"Yeah and if my Aunt had nuts she'd be my uncle. What kind of questions that?"

All though Don Cherry isn't on TV anymore he's still on a podcast with his son where he is free to speak his mind without worrying what anyone will think of his comments now.
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Funny Vintage Don Cherry Video Pops Up And It's Going Viral

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