Former NHL Player Speaks Out About His Battles With Serious Addiction

Published August 1, 2022 at 0:03

Unfortunately there's a concerning trend of documented cases of NHL players having trouble with drug and or alcohol substance abuse. Last week a former NHL star has hit rock bottom when Bobby Ryan was arrested at Nashville's International Airport where he was arrested by Nashville Police for 'public intoxication'.

CTV News in Canada would share the heartbreaking story of former Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Ian White who lost everything including his beautiful family due his battle of addiction with alcoholism and prescription pain killers.

The biggest name of all so far had to be Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price who checked himself into a NHLPA substance program last October.

With all of these unfortunate stories coming to light former NHL'er Mark Parrish decided to share his storey the former NHL'er Battled his addiction with alcohol behind the scene as a player and would continue after his playing career would ended and Parish would make a transition to a NHL analyst for the Minnesota Wild.

Parish had is NHL playing career end unfortunately because of alcohol. Parrish was bought out of the final three years of his five-year, $13.25 million contract with his home-state Minnesota Wild, hastening his downward spiral.


Thankfully Michael Russo of the Athletic revealed the 45 year old Parrish is doing well beating his battle with alcoholism and pain killers Parrish would share this on Twitter:

"I'm 2 years over today, I'm going to say it again because I can't believe it.. I am 2 years over today! I wouldn't have had made it a day without the incredible support of my amazing wife. Nicholle. You are so much more than my best friend and the love of my life. The strength and encouragement you and our little monsters have given me is why I can celebrate today. You guys are my life. My goal everyday is to be the best husband. Father. Son and friend for everyone that has seen me through hell deserves. I love you all very much!

The support from everyone at the Minnesota Wild, New York Islanders, and NHL Network, Bally's, and KFAN has been overwhelming. I have leaned you all whether you realize it or not! A special show out to the Power Trip. You guys know why. No reason to get all sappy. Finally to all my brothers and sisters in recovery. Thank you! Thank you for everything! The fellowship and camaraderie we get from each other is what has got me to this point. One day at a time! It's a simple road map that has got me this far. Now, I'm going to focus on the rest of today and see where it takes me peace and love." - Mark Parrish

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Former NHL Player Speaks Out About His Battles With Serious Addiction

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