Flashback: The Reason This Kid Was Kicked out of His Game is Truly Amazing

Published May 21, 2023 at 11:04 PM

As of late minor hockey was shutdown due to the havoc surrounded by COVID-19, most if not all programs were shut down for a whopping year or more. Hockey and sports in general keeps kids on their feet and off their phones, it's a healthy way for the kids of the 21st century to stay active.

Thankfully we are slowly starting to get back to normal and minor hockey is opening back up worldwide which will have a large impact on the little ones involved, making them feel like little superstars while developing leadership roles.

On Sunday May 29 a hockey mom took social media to explain where her son was kicked out of his minor hockey game, and it truly shows the leadership aspect to sports.

My son got thrown out of his hockey game this weekend. I asked him what happened & he told me one of the players on the opposing team called the girl on their team a "f*ing whore" during the face-off so he punched him in the face.