Flashback: Kane and Fleury have it out at practice

Published July 18, 2023 at 3:05

Teams practice special skills during practice if they're part of special teams.

The fact that Patrick Kane has a lethal shot explains why it is reasonable for him to be at his best at all times, even during practice, because he is a very good player.

Flashback to when Kane and Fleury were beefing at practice 😂

In the following clip you can see footage from a past practice, where he practically undressed Fleury on the shootout, causing him to get pissed off, so that he threw his twig at him.

In order to humiliate Fleury, Kane would pick it up, acting as if he was going to give it back to him, but in the end he would just drop it when he was done, either in an attempt to humiliate him or as a joke.

There was a sense, though, that they were beefing with each other!
July 18   |   127 answers
Flashback: Kane and Fleury have it out at practice

Was there behind the scenes beef between Patrick Kane and Marc-Andre Fleury?

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No8466.1 %
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