Fans Are Attacking The Price Family For Recent Social Media Post

Published January 24, 2023 at 1:58

For fans of the Montreal Canadiens It's going to be tough realizing that goaltender Carey Price will never take to the net for them again due to his chronic knee injuries piling up.

After playing his last game of the season last year the Canadiens General Manager Kent Hughes was forced to place Price on the Canadiens long-term injured reserve list until his contract expires.

Since then, Angela Price, Carey's Wife, has kept us up to date with Carey on her Instagram. Except now one of her photos posted has caused some controversy on Social media. She shared a family photo at a local ski resort as they were trying to introduce Price's daughter into skiing.

Fan's were quick to make accusations that if Price is to injured to play hockey again, how is he able to skate? Suggesting that Price isn't as hurt as he says he was and is just not wanting to play anymore. Which is quite the wrong and poor assumption, Price struggled with just more then an injury as he was instated into the NHL's players assistance program, regardless of Price's current health, he is choosing to spend family time over returning to hockey, which should be respected.

Angela would respond on social media defending her husband saying:

For all of those DM's, No Carey can't ski. Pray one day that he will be able to join us on the slopes though."

- Angela Price

It's clear that the fans bothered by Angela's post are clearly not respectful, but at the same time fans were understandably curious if Price is actually skiing or not.
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Fans Are Attacking The Price Family For Recent Social Media Post

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