Elliot Friedman Predicts Fleury Will Join A Former Team of His This Off Season

Published April 8, 2022 at 7:02 PM

Marc-Andre Fleury has had quite the career, 932 games played spread out between 3 clubs; the Pittsburgh Penguins, Vegas Golden Knights, Chicago Blackhawks and now his new green colour with the Minnesota Wild. Throughout those 932 games played Fleury tallied up a whopping 514 games won, as well as a solid 917SV% and 2.56GAA (goals against average) facing over 25,000 shots.

Prior to the trade deadline approaching this season Fleury was in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey and most were very uncertain of if Fleury would be in Chicago for the remainder of the season. Fleury, 37 years of age is getting down to his last few seasons in the NHL, and he is not to blame for wanting out of a rebuilding team to have a shot at another Stanley Cup.

Fleurys home at heart will always be Pittsburgh, as he was drafted first overall as well as spending 13 NHL seasons in the Black and Gold. Fleury is so dedicated to Pittsburgh even though he is not apart of the organization, Fleury even declined Chicago trading him to the Washington Capitals as Fleury said "It would not feel right", as Pittsburgh and Washington have a lot of bad blood for each other throughout the last few seasons.

Official NHL Insider Elliot Friedman Predicts Fleury will head back to the Pittsburgh Penguins if things do not go well with Minnesota and their playoff run-for one last season before hanging out the skates.

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Elliot Friedman Predicts Fleury Will Join A Former Team of His This Off Season

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