Duncan Keith knocked unconscious after hard spill into the boards

Published February 10, 2022 at 12:45

A bit of a scary scene in Edmonton on Wednesday night as long-time Blackhawk Duncan Keith took a hard spill into the end boards, rendering him unconscious temporarily. The play occurred when Keith got tied up with Hawks forward Sam Lafferty and lost his footing, heading into the boards back-first.

Keith had to be helped off of the ice by a pair of teammates and a trainer and did not return to the game. It's something that nobody likes to see, especially when it involves a 1200+ game NHL veteran.

Here's hoping that Keith is quick to recover from the unfortunate incident and that he can work his way back onto the ice soon. If the Oilers hope to challenge for a postseason berth in the Pacific Division this spring, they're going to need the on-ice leadership of the three-time Stanley Cup champion.

From the entire HawksInsider team, we're wishing Keith all the best and hopefully he'll be right as rain very soon.
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