Dramatic turn of events for Connor Bedard tonight

Published November 22, 2023 at 11:56

The 2023 NHL Entry Draft was pegged as one of the most anticipated drafts in 20 years. The depth of talent in the top 10 choices was second to none, with several expected to become generational talent and team leaders in the next few years.

Tonight's game, when the Blackhawks meet the Columbus Blue Jackets for the first time this season, will be a game circled on the calendar.

Blackhawks phenom Connor Bedard will be facing off against Columbus Blue Jackets center Adam Fantilli, who was selected third overall in that draft. Both players were on Canada's U18 team that won the gold last December, and both have the earmarks of being the new faces of the NHL in the next few years.

Bedard has been following Fantilli's progress since the season began, and he weighed in on his thoughts.

"Of course, this year he's doing great, and it's just really fun to watch him, and he's obviously a buddy of mine," Bedard said of Fantilli. "It's just been a lot of fun to follow him and see his success."

Bedard also explains how their bond as former teammates has kept them close, and they don't feel there is internal competition between one another.

"I think the media will kind of play stuff out however they like, just with it being the same draft, maybe," Bedard said. "But you know we're all friends and rooting for each other. But I don't think we're going into tomorrow like it's me versus him at all. It's Chicago versus Columbus."

As of late, both teams have been struggling to gain any traction in the standings, with Columbus winless in seven and the Blackhawks winless for games.

Both Bedard and Fantilli expect this game to be a fun one to play against one another and give their teams a chance to turn things around.
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Dramatic turn of events for Connor Bedard tonight

Will Bedard and Fantilli win the Hart trophy in their careers?

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